Brighton ho!

I’m sitting in a Railway Station, got a ticket for my destination… Well not quite, I’m sitting in a pub next to the Railway Station with a pint of beer waiting for a train.

England is losing it’s allure as a cycling destination for me. Actually, more specifically South East England. I decided to cycle down to the South Coast and spend some time here… Nice idea – bad reality.

I have come to the conclusion that cycling thru industrial wastelands, endless suburbia and sterile business parks where everyone is tagged and chipped is not my cup of tea. Particularly when navigating the tangled and frayed Gordian knot that is the cycleways near London, perhaps a local might know how to handle them. I did not.

When I eventually out distanced the monotony of suburbia, the Cycleway followed the motorway. Oh, the tranquility, peace and country smells of The road.


I did reach Brighton. Here’s the pier.


Sorry that’s the old one that burnt down, here’s the new one.


For some reason I’ve always had this desire to cycle London to Brighton. Possibly because of the annual event. Well I’ve done it, didn’t enjoy it and won’t do it again.

Bah humbug.