Goodbye Denmark and thanks for all the fish

This was my final day in Denmark, so i will refrain from profound thoughts. First two corrections, (1) Ribe is the oldest city in Denmark – no just one of the oldest and (2) the Inn that stayed in, below, was built in 1600.


I rode up to Esbjerg with my reconciled friend the wind and arrived with some 9 hours to spare before the ferry for England was due to leave. There is only so many times you can visit the same shops, cafes etc, particularly since Rain came to visit me once more time.


I think some people got tired of waiting and decided to try and walk across the North Sea.


At least I was able to get a close look at the back side of the Tour of Denmark. It is an amazing operation required for each team. Saxo-Bank had 1 custom touring bus (for the cyclists etc) 1 full sized truck as a mobile work shop plus 1 smaller one, and I saw four support vehicles loaded with bicycles.


One of the first photos I took in Denmark was of the four men gazing out to sea. I offer one final cheeky photo of them from a side seldom seen in brochures.