Lolland and some other Islands

I was quite glad to leave the camping ground at Bøjden, and was unsure of whether to continue on the West Coast to East Coast Cycleway or go back to the West Coast. However I decided to at least go as far as Svendborg. It was at Fåborg that I came across this mini “replica” of the town. At least it was a workshop in progres.


For the most part the countryside was rolling fields of grain. Some fields already harvested. In Norway, strawberries were still in season and the corn barely 1 foot high. Such is the difference in latitude.


I think it was before Svendborg that I came across some very grand buildings in the woods. This one had Sanitarium etched about the entrance. I can only imagine the history behind the facade.


Nearby was some quite peaceful lakes


By the way, this was a lineup of frustrated car owners, a queue of some 15 kilometres.


For me as a cyclist it was just pathways like this


Finally it was on the ferry to Lolland, I guess I had decided somewhere along the way to continue East.


For now anyway.