Rain 3 – 2 Tent (after extra time)

Last night was the big match up between my tent and the rain. After a beautiful summer’s evening, the clouds started gathering and blackening. I knew something was going to happen, after all the rain had been absent without leave for 6 days now. I was sitting on a bench when the first drops fell and, being brave, went straight into my tent for cover.

The tent held out well for much of the downpour but not well enough. I knew I would be damp that night and I was.

I did try to dry out my tent the next day when I stopped to make a cup of tea, but immediately the sun covered up and the rain came for a return match. So, in the rematch, Rain 1 : 0 Tent. The rain even got my towel as it is now somewhere in Lolland drying on a tree wondering what it did to be left behind.